IE MBA Scholarships & Financial Aids for Students

Pursuing an MBA at a world-renowned institution like IE University is a transformative experience that opens doors to unparalleled career opportunities. However, for many aspiring students, especially those looking to study abroad, the financial aspect of such an endeavour can be a significant hurdle.

This is where scholarships come into play, serving as a crucial enabler for talented and deserving students. In this blog post, we will delve into the variety of scholarships available for the IE MBA program, providing insights into how they can help make your educational dreams a reality.

Overview of IE MBA Scholarships

Diverse Scholarship Opportunities
IE Business School offers a comprehensive range of scholarships designed to support students from diverse backgrounds and circumstances in their pursuit of an MBA. These scholarships can significantly reduce the financial burden of the program, making it more accessible to a broader pool of candidates.

Types of Scholarships Offered

Merit-Based Scholarships: These are awarded based on the candidate’s academic excellence, professional achievements, and potential to contribute to the richness of the IE MBA program.
Need-Based Scholarships: Aimed at candidates who demonstrate financial need, these scholarships ensure that financial barriers do not impede access to education.
Special Criteria Scholarships: IE also offers scholarships targeting specific groups or profiles. These may include scholarships for women in business, entrepreneurs, candidates from specific geographic regions, or those with outstanding leadership in certain sectors.

Eligibility Criteria for IE MBA Scholarships

General Eligibility Requirements
While the specific criteria vary depending on the scholarship, there are some common requirements candidates must meet:

Academic Excellence: A strong academic record is a fundamental requirement for most scholarships, reflecting the candidate’s ability to succeed in IE’s rigorous MBA program.
Professional Achievements: Work experience, career progression, and professional accomplishments play a significant role in scholarship considerations.
Personal Qualities: Leadership potential, community involvement, and personal achievements are also evaluated.
Specific Criteria for Special Scholarships
Each special criteria scholarship has its own set of eligibility requirements. For instance, scholarships for women may require candidates to demonstrate leadership in business environments, while regional scholarships might be restricted to applicants from certain countries or regions.

Application Process for IE MBA Scholarships

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying

Apply for Admission: First, submit your online application for the IE MBA program. You can start your scholarship application once you’ve applied for admission.
Explore Scholarships: Investigate the various scholarship opportunities IE offers. You can choose up to three scholarships, but remember you can only be awarded one. It’s important to select the scholarships that best align with your profile and needs.
Access the Online Scholarship Platform: Use the same credentials you created for your admission application to log in to the online scholarship platform.
Complete the Scholarship Application: Follow the guidelines and step-by-step details provided on the platform to complete your application. This includes filling out necessary forms and uploading relevant documentation.
Submit Your Application: After thoroughly reviewing your application and ensuring all necessary documents are uploaded, submit your application through the platform. You will receive a confirmation upon successful submission.
Review Process: After submission and once admitted to the program, your application will be reviewed. You may be asked to provide additional information or documentation. The review process usually takes 1-3 weeks after admission​​.
Rolling Process and Deadlines
Most scholarship applications at IE are evaluated on a rolling basis. It’s recommended to submit your scholarship application as early as possible, ideally after receiving your admission offer but before the program starts. Given the competitive nature and limited funding of scholarships, early submission is advantageous​​.

Tips for Maximizing Your Chances of Receiving a Scholarship

Strengthening Your Application

Highlight Your Unique Qualities: Clearly articulate what sets you apart from other candidates. This could include unique professional experiences, personal achievements, or contributions to your community.
Demonstrate Financial Need: If applying for need-based scholarships, provide detailed and accurate documentation of your financial situation.
Focus on Fit: Tailor your application to align with the specific criteria of the scholarship for which you are applying. Demonstrate how you embody the qualities or meet the requirements specified by the scholarship.
Key Considerations

Be Authentic: Authenticity is crucial. Your application should genuinely reflect who you are and what you aspire to achieve.
Attention to Detail: Ensure all parts of your application are complete, accurate, and free of errors. Meticulous attention to detail can make a significant difference.
Timeliness: Adhere to deadlines and submit your application as early as possible. Late submissions may not be considered.
Financial Documentation
Accurate financial documentation is essential, especially for need-based scholarships. Ensure all financial information is current, clearly presented, and accurately reflects your situation.

Alternative Financing Options

Loans and Income-Share Agreements
IE University collaborates with several financial institutions to offer eligible students various financing options. These include traditional loans and income-share agreements (ISAs), which allow students to fund part or all of their tuition fees, and in some cases, living expenses. It’s crucial to explore all available options, including government and regional loans, grants, or other options available in your home country​​.

Tuition Payment Plans
IE offers tuition payment plans, allowing students to break down their tuition balance into several consecutive uniform monthly payments. This makes the program more affordable by spreading the cost over time. These plans are interest-free and don’t require a pre-approval or credit check. However, a one-time non-refundable administrative fee of €400 is charged for plans with more than three consecutive instalments​​.

Company Support
Some students attend IE University with partial or full support from their employers. This is more common for part-time master’s degrees but can be explored for full-time programs as well. In Spain, part-time Masters may be eligible for the bonus training scheme through the State Foundation for Training in Employment (FUNDAE). IE’s admissions advisors can assist students in making a case for company support towards their education​​.

External Scholarships
IE Foundation Scholarships
The IE Foundation offers over 200 scholarships annually across all IE programs. In 2021, IE University and the IE Foundation awarded over €22 million in scholarships, granting more than 6,000 scholarships in the last five years. Notably, 53% of scholarships were granted to women in 2021. These scholarships comprehensively meet the needs of talented young people who attend IE​​.

Scholarships with Partners
IE also collaborates with corporate partners to provide scholarships. These joint scholarships are designed to support the educational aspirations of talented individuals from various backgrounds and nationalities.

Dedicated Scholarships for Women
To encourage women in their pursuit of excellence, the IE Foundation manages an annual budget dedicated exclusively to scholarships and awards for women at IE. These initiatives aim to support women’s education and career advancement.

Department of Financial Aid
IE’s Department of Financial Aid is available to assist students in exploring the best education financing options. They can provide guidance on applying for scholarships, loans, and other financial support.


Embarking on an MBA journey at IE University is a transformative experience that promises significant personal and professional growth. Understanding the array of financial support available through IE MBA scholarships is crucial for prospective students, especially those coming from abroad. The generous scholarships offered by IE and its partners, along with diverse financing options, underscore the institution’s commitment to making high-quality education accessible to talented individuals from all walks of life.

It’s essential for applicants to not only explore the scholarship opportunities but also to be aware of alternative financing options like loans, income-share agreements, and tuition payment plans. These tools can make the dream of studying at IE a reality for many. Moreover, the possibility of employer sponsorship adds another layer of opportunity for prospective students.

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