How to submit your GMAT scores to B-schools?

Most of you have appeared or will be appearing for the GMAT, but after that, what next? You should have known by this time that it takes almost 5-7 days to send an unofficial GMAT score and 20 days for an official GMAT score report. It may seem lengthy and daunting but trust us, this is not the case, but there are a couple of things or options to consider while deciding when to send your scores.

In this article, we’ll guide you through every step of sending GMAT scores and answer critical questions related to types, processes, things to consider, the cancellation process, best time, fees, and so much more. 

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Unofficial Score Report

Your unofficial GMAT score will be shown to you immediately after you have completed the test. It will include your Quantitative, Verbal, IR, and Total scores and the percentile rankings associated with each of those scores, but it will not have your AWA score. Here, you have to take the GMAT at the test center only. Those who have appeared online will have to wait a little longer.

After that, you only have 2 minutes to decide whether to accept or cancel the scores. If you missed, the computer will automatically cancel them. So, you must have a target score and a score cutoff that you are willing to let schools see before you sit for your GMAT. Research the average scores at your target schools and set cutoffs for your section scores.

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Official Score Report

Your official GMAT score will be available to you within 20 days from the date of the exam only if you have taken the exam at the test center. Still, within seven days, the report will be available online. This will include your Quantitative, Verbal, AWA, IR, and Total scores. You will receive a notification from GMAC that your Official Score Report is available on your account, where you can view, download, and print your report. Now, this is the official report that you can send to schools. This official score is valid for five years.

If you have canceled any scores, they will not be listed on the Official Score Report sent to schools. In addition, your official report will include your photo that was taken at the test center before your most recent GMAT, your contact information, and your demographic information.

Enhanced Score Report

This report generally tells you about your strengths and weaknesses, where you should focus more, and how you managed your time, providing a more detailed breakdown of test performance in each section.


What minimum scores are you ready to accept and report to the business schools of your choice?

Before canceling, check out and ensure that you have adequate time to schedule and retake the test and have your official scores report sent to your selected business schools.


Before you send your scores to colleges, remember that GMAC will send your official GMAT score reports to five colleges of your choice. Therefore be careful while selecting the five university options online at the test center with the help of the school name and code. You can send your scores to more than five colleges, but you have to pay an additional fee per college. Following are the steps to follow. 

Step 1 – Login to your official GMAT account

Step 2 – Click on the “Send GMAT Online Score” button.

Step 3 – Select the programs/schools to send your GMAT score.

Step 4 – Click on the “Send GMAT Online Score” after verifying your selections.

The other best thing about sending GMAT scores to schools immediately after you finish your exam is that this feature is included in your GMAT registration fee, so you won’t have to pay anything extra to send scores to schools on test day. Also, it’s a wise strategy to decide where to send your scores before you sit for your GMAT, so you will be prepared when you see the scores. Also, you don’t need to select five schools to send your scores for free.


It might be the most practical choice if you want to wait, research, or are not satisfied with your performance and wish to retake the GMAT to try for a higher or better score. You can order additional Score Reports by logging into your account and selecting the other score reporting feature. Again, you will be able to search for each school by name and select the school when it appears in the drop-down menu so that you won’t need any school codes.

Step 1 – Login to your official GMAT account to use the Additional Score Reporting service

Step 2 – Get in touch with GMAT Customer Service. You must pay an additional service fee of $35 for each college you wish to send your GMAT score report.


The process of viewing and sending scores online differs in a few areas compared to offline. As we have mentioned above, you cannot see your scores at the end of the exam. Instead, you will receive an email with your official GMAT Online scores within seven business days of your test date.

The offline official score report is different from the official online score. In other terms, if you take both the offline GMAT, whether once or several times, and the GMAT Online, you will have two official score reports; one report for any offline GMAT scores and one report for your online GMAT score.

The best advantage here is the decision is in your court. As there are two separate reports, you can choose whether to send an offline report or an online report to Adcoms, as the school will never know that you have appeared for the online GMAT exam. 

You will have the choice to send your GMAT Online scores for free to many schools as you want, which you can select by logging into your account after receiving the email with your official scores.

In the meantime, you can research the school’s culture and program to understand better which school you should target. 

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As we mentioned above, canceled scores are not visible to anyone who receives your GMAT scorecard.  However, if you would like to reinstate your canceled score, you can do so as long as your score is still valid (within five years). 

But the only condition is that you will need help to alter the original list of score recipients you selected during your exam. You can view the actual list of schools before you confirm that you want to reinstate your score. 

You can reinstate your canceled score online for $50. Sending the score to your original list of up to five schools will be free, and the best part is no schools that receive your reinstated score will know that the score was ever canceled.


With this, we come to an end. I hope we can give you a complete guide about “How to submit your GMAT scores to B-schools.” We hope you are preparing for the best, and if you still need a helping hand to discuss any doubts related to scores, application, interview, culture, or anything, we are happy to help!

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