How to pick the strongest anecdotes to put in your MBA applications?

Most applicants struggle with deciding which anecdotes will be worth putting and which not into your application in this competitive time. And why not? Your pick should be unique and effective, and It will decide whether you have impressed the adcoms to the level that they will welcome you with an open heart. 

As they say, sometimes, “a lone gram can’t bust the oven,” that is where proper guidance and insights are needed. And to be clear,  no one can replace experts with relevant experience; that is why you should work with an MBA consultant.

Before starting, what do you think are the strongest anecdotes? We say where you have learned, self-developed and inspired. You have to show the admission committee that you are a person who is full of capabilities and competencies in professional as well as social life. 

As every profile has some strengths, and each candidate is different in their version. So, there is no “one” answer about which anecdotes will be right. But every impact you create or see as worthful might not be the same for adcoms.


Professional Anecdotes

Adcoms are typically looking for specific aspects of your experience. They give you a chance to elaborate more on your qualitative achievement rather than quantitative.  You need to show that you’re not trying to reiterate your career but adding color and context to your pursuits.

Highlight the responsibilities you have undertaken which have impacted and contributed to the organization’s growth. While doing this, ensure you bring out the instances where you stepped up in leadership roles. This will bring a leadership attribute to your application.

Non-Professional AnecdotesThe application you provided already tells about your professional information. This is the best way to showcase your personality. Each school has different criteria and values, and they give great importance to helping society and expect the same from their students. So, they look for those candidates who can maintain their legacy and can drive an impact on others’ lives within their community. Be the one that can bring change to people’s lives.


The STAR approach is the best way to narrate your story. Adcoms can evaluate the skills, qualities, and experiences you have that would help you fit with the program and institution.

Writing an application essay can be tough for someone aiming for the MBA programs in Top B-schools. It involves a lot of hard work and dedication, extensive research work, precision, and clarity. Not only this, it should align with the school’s values then; only your application is impactful. 

As we know, the Internet is loaded with information, and to decide which one is correct is a long and risky process. To make your draft spotless, an MBA consultant is a must. You might think that your professional and personal background is outstanding but let us tell you that every candidate has a great track record on their CV for admission like yours.

You have to make your content unique amongst the tough competition. MBA consultants also have extensive experience helping applicants prepare their essays for submission and have the eye to catch “extraordinary” that may cause your application to be set aside.

The flow starts when you talk about the situation you were in and what tasks you had to accomplish. Then you need to describe your actions and results. This format makes your essays concise and develops an interest in your story for the admission committee. 

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We’ll tell you the STAR approach by giving a real-world example of Siddhi Nair (Ms. LBS)

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