Top HBS Interview Tips that you need to know!

Getting an Invite from the most prestigious B-school in the world is a dream come true for every aspiring candidate! Yes, you heard that right! Today we are going to discuss – how to create a lasting impression in your final round of Harvard Business school Interviews!

You deserve a pat on the back! An invite interview from HBS is rare & prestigious! Congratulations! You have cracked the toughest B-school application process; it’s your day; enjoy it! 

The HBS interview is one of a kind! It stands apart from other b-school interviews in terms of uniqueness and rigor, being one of the high-stress components of the application process! Furthermore, the half-hour interview comprises fast-paced 30-40 questions in a rapid-fire format!

Nature of the interview

To its core, the HBS interview is quite similar to the case study method they famously use in their MBA curriculum. This means that even if you prepared for a bunch of standard questions, adding a twist in the whole case scenario could throw you off your play! These kinds of wild shifts in paradigm are meant to cut out applicants who are too comfortable giving conventional answers that they have practiced for hours.  

This is intentional, of course, and the main goal behind such case-based questions is to keep the candidates on their toes and help them try to figure out solutions in a high-pressure environment while handling impromptu questions!

However, rest assured that the major portion of your interview will only be tailored to your HBS application. So the first step of preparation should be too – Make sure you know everything on your application &resume. 

HBS Interview Questions: Theme

Prepare to answer any questions ranging across any element of your profile!

It could be from your hobbies and interests to major industry headlines and circling back to your experience and skill-set!

This interview will cover several of your life choices. We recommend candidates give valid reasons while changing industry/role/geography/background/background and for any significant career/life-altering decisions! While answering these questions, you show character and deep introspection. Become well-versed with your professional and personal experiences, and share the context and situation.

The interviewer has quite a grasp of what you can say. Hence, it’s your job to make it interesting for them to get them excited about you—something you could only master with a mock interview with an experienced or well-versed person!


Before we get to the tips, below are some of the most recent questions drafted by our team of expert consultants while working with successful Candidates. 

1) General trivia: Background-related Questions   

How is your family?

How was your experience growing up in a country like [your country] and now moving to the US for your post-graduation?

Where did you attend your college, and why? (specificity and values), and why choose your [major]?

2) All about Job and Career Path 

Where are you currently working (Country/Industry/Company)?

What does it mean to you to be the head of such a big project?

What does a regular day look like in your work? Follow up on specific examples.

Name some of the companies you like. (can be industry specific/general view)

Why this role (the role you are currently in) – Like, why product management/impact investing?

3) Leadership At Its Best!

What’s unique about your style of leadership? What would those whom you manage say about you?

Describe a time you had issues with staff that reported to you. How did you work around that?

At what point in life did you think of having a life of impact?

Who have you had an impact on?

Tell me about a situation/task/project that was difficult for you.

Walk me through this (decision/project experience/ leadership example/case study )deal on your resume.

How do you convince potential clients/customers of your vision?

4) MBA: A Journey Worth Describing! 


Why an MBA from here? 

Describe a specific topic/core subject/class that you think would help you gain relevant knowledge and empower you to achieve your Post-MBA goals.

Which topic/core subject/class would be hard for you at HBS?

Is there something else you wish to talk about?

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