An Excellent Guide to Hbs 2+2 Program

Attaining an MBA degree from a top B-school is undoubtedly an accomplishment, but for many applicants, the dream extends to pursuing an MBA from Harvard due to its esteemed reputation and advantages. Harvard provides the flexibility for individuals to choose when to embark on their MBA journey based on their preferred timeline. In this discussion, our focus will be on the HBS 2+2 program. 

This article will provide comprehensive insights into the HBS 2+2 program, covering its benefits, application requirements, eligibility criteria, class profile, deadlines, and much more. 

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If you want to apply to HBS on a specific timeline, then Harvard 2+2 allows you to enroll in their program. The “2+2” signifies the typical path of spending a minimum of two years in the corporate world before enrolling in HBS’s two-year MBA. While the minimum requirement is two years, students are permitted to spend more than two years but less than four years to be eligible for the program.

During the first semester of the HBS MBA, all students undergo the same core curriculum courses, emphasizing finance, leadership, and marketing. As they progress to the second semester, students have the option to enroll in classes covering strategy, international economy, and corporate accountability.

During the third semester of the HBS 2+2  program, students will select particular analytical and quantitative skills while also adapting to the MBA Program’s standards of communication and collaboration.


Students applying to Harvard 2+2 must be in their final year of studies, but it is not only for undergraduates. Students completing a master’s degree are also eligible to apply to the program.

However, applicants cannot have any work experience (other than internships) to qualify for the 2+2 program. The Harvard 2+2 program is designed for graduating students without extensive work experience.

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Good news for students from a lower socio-economic background or first-generation college graduates in their families as they seek students with non-traditional academic backgrounds. However, specific data on their class profile has not been provided.


The application fee is $100

You need to submit a TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE score if you are an international student

Submit your test scores like GMAT or GRE before the deadline

Letter of recommendation

Official Transcripts



Application submission1577
Number of enrolled students129
Countries Represented17
International Students25%
Average GMAT730
GMAT range580 – 790
Average GPA3.97
TOEFLAbove 109
PTEAbove 75

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Application Submitted Online: 27 April 2023

Notification Of The MBA Admission Board’s Decision: 29 June 2023 This is it from our side. We hope you can gain some insights about Harvard 2+2 program. If you require assistance to delve deeper into your application, our team is always available to guide you in the right direction.

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