Deciphering MBA Rankings

The MBA rankings are the first resource we come across during the application preparation. Most of the candidates at least start their research through Google to understand which college is the best fit for them. But we often find that MBA rankings of the same college could be more consistent across the various publication and Outlets. 

This article will provide you with all the details regarding deciphering MBA rankings, what factors play into this inconsistency of MBA rankings, why rankings matter, and which list you finally refer to.

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So from the point of view of our experts, two key factors play into this inconsistency in college rankings. 

First Key Factor

The first parameter that is considered is that each outlet or each publication has an identity of its own and utilizes the parameters that are best associated with that identity. So, for example, if you look at Forbes exclusively focuses on return on investment. Then, when you complete your degree, your first-year salary in service is compared to your investment in the MBA. In contrast, FT, which is Financial Times, has a slew of parameters, nine totally across different weights, which factored into what will be the ranking of a certain College. 

Second key Factor

The second factor is extent and weightage. So, several factors play into these rankings. For example, if you look at compensation, it’s about 40 for the financial times, whereas the U.S. news report and World Report are about 14. So, these two are the primary factors that play into the inconsistency or variation of MBA rankings.


Our experts say these MBA rankings matter because of access to scholarships and Visas. If you look at external scholarships, these are linked to, for example, the theory of schools. These theater schools feature on these rankings.

This same goes with visas; if you have paid attention in the last few years, the UK has a genius Visa. It lists 50 universities globally where students are allowed a work visa or a job search visa for two years in the UK, and it even specifically mentions that the school will need to feature in two out of three or four lists.

Finally, the loans, especially in developing countries the education loan come at attractive interest rates for such schools, so that is a benefit. When it comes to optics, at times, a college must not have done its branding as well in different geographies, so if you attend college in another geography and come back to your home native, it’s usually a great reference point. When you highlight your college, that shows the standing that college has in the global community.  

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Our experts think it is a key question to understand what is important to you. The parameters that play into these rankings are very clear. They are outlined very clearly across these publications and outlets. They will contain only some of your parameters, but the ones that appeal to you the most, utilize them and then figure out which is the best college that works for you. Next is to create your list, which is the most important thing to understand. What are your preferences or motivations and work towards creating a list? You can start with your dream schools and work to the safe bet. 

We hope that we have covered everything related to deciphering MBA rankings. However, if you still need a helping hand to discuss any doubts related to scores, application, interview, culture, or anything, we are happy to help!

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