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At MBA & Beyond, we believe that each MBA applicant is unique, they just need the right partner to guide them through the process.

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We’d like to share our little story with you! 

It was in 2016 when Shantanu made it to INSEAD that he realised the MBA consulting market was flushed with cookie-cutter businesses, which lacked vision and it needed genuine consultants who truly cared about exploring the maximum potential of applicants. 

During his own MBA experience, Shantanu realized that more than 80% of students weren’t aware of what they specifically wanted from the b-school. And Shantanu wanted to change the mindset people go to business schools with. Shantanu ensures that you go to your business school with a purpose.

He envisioned a community where folks from top business schools could interact with each other for opportunities and partnerships, and break the barriers of the business school network that they are going to. Imagine an LBS alum networking with an INSEAD alum or a Stanford alum.

During his time at INSEAD, Shantanu would spend hours brainstorming with the aspiring applicants to help them have clarity and bring out the best in their application, because once you lay out the trajectory of your life clearly, it becomes easy to pitch yourself anywhere for the right reasons. That’s how MBA and Beyond took birth. 

When you will land in a business school, you will find all kinds of folks with all kinds of plans, but the ones with a clear vision will be the ones who will amaze you the most. The same happened with Shantanu when he landed in INSEAD. From that moment on he knew that he needed to help candidates have clarity in their life around their vision, purpose and goals. Not just this, he wants to break all barriers and build a community where these clear-headed people can network BEYOND the boundaries of the business schools they attended.

We have invented a unique process that can help Shantanu realize his vision.

And that’s all what MBA and Beyond stands for!

We, at MBA and Beyond, don’t just see your b-school application as essays, LOR, resume and interview put together. We believe a true b-school application requires you to self-explore, self-discover and make sense of all that you are today and all that you want to be in your life. 

Before even starting to work on your application, we spend a good amount of time brainstorming and understanding your personality, your journey and finding answers to uncomfortable questions that make up the story of your life by interacting not just with you, but with your friends and family who have contributed in making who you are. Our MBA application process is as simple as that, starting from “Self-Discovery” to “finalizing stories” and writing an exceptional application. And to make sure every client of us gets full devotion, we only intake limited applicants every season who have similar values and devotion as of us. 

Some of our applicants say that these brainstorming sessions with our consultants look like therapy sessions and are much needed to have clarity in your life, as never again in your life are you going to spend so much time thinking so much about your journey, and sometimes even redefining it, and this step is imperative in coming up with a stellar b-school application. We strongly believe that this is the reason why our applicants made it to world’s best business schools with scholarships with just a 670 and 690 GMAT.

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