MBA & Beyond – Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions set forth below are integral to the provision of services by MBA & Beyond Consulting (“MBA & B”) to any customer or client (a “Client”). By procuring services from MBA & B, the Client acknowledges and agrees to be bound by these Terms.


  • The role of MBA & B shall encompass to coach and direct the Client but it is the responsibility of the Client to compose, draft, or revise, as appropriate, the aforementioned application materials and supporting documents.
  • MBA & B does not provide any guarantee acceptance regarding the Client’s admission to any specific school or into any of the Client’s selected schools.
  • MBA & B will help the Client with

a) Access to our product- Mirror

Steps on Mirror and the journey will include :

1. Welcome answers

2. Consultant Mapping

3. Content Gathering

4. Content Review

5. Branding

6. School selection

7. Essays

8. Resume & LoR’s

9. Interview Preparation

b) Consultant Mapping –

The MBA & B Internal team shall, at its discretion, appoint a consultant deemed to be the most suitable for the Client’s profile, following a comprehensive evaluation of all factors to ensure alignment.

c) Branding – Blueprint of the essays.

The document prepared by the consultant shall be subject to internal review by the Internal team at MBA & B. Feedback regarding said document shall be sought from the applicant.

d) School Selection

Detailed Process for the selection of schools based on preferred geography, industry and functional role.

e) Essays –

1. The Client desires to engage the services of Consultant for the purpose of brainstorming and consulting on matters related to school applications.

2. Sample drafts – MBA & B will provide one sample draft per school, if needed additional samples will be provided.

3. It takes a minimum of 10 hours to complete an essay for one school, with an additional 4 hours required for each additional school.

4. Video essays – information and guidance will be furnished by the MBA & B, offering valuable insights and instructions on how to effectively prepare for video essays.

5. Scholarship Essays – The Client is encouraged to conduct thorough research and compile a comprehensive list of internal scholarships specific to their chosen schools. MBA and B is available to assist with inquiries and guidance regarding these internal scholarship opportunities.

6. Conducting research, in accordance with the guidance provided by consultants, is an essential requirement for the applicant.

f) Essays Review –

1. Only one school from the Client’s selection will have its set of essays reviewed.

2. After the review, feedback is shared with the Consultant

3. After the Consultant engages in a thorough discussion of the feedback with the internal team, they proceed to integrate the suggested changes in collaboration with the Client.

4. The revised iteration undergoes a secondary evaluation by the internal team once more.

g) Letter of recommendation –

1. MBA & Beyond offers a comprehensive list of general queries suitable for Letters of Recommendation as a point of reference.

2. The exemplar letters of recommendation are provided to the Client to accommodate the diverse requirements of European, Canadian and US schools.

3. MBA and Beyond offers two complimentary samples of Letters of Recommendation (LORs) to our Clients. If you require additional samples beyond the initial two, you may obtain them for an extra fee of $10, which includes two additional samples.

4. The applicant must reach out to the recommender in order to engage in a discussion regarding the questions, as the provided link leads directly to the recommender

5. MBA and Beyond refrains from disclosing the list of questions to prevent potential discrepancies. In this process, applicants are required to pre-register and independently obtain the question set from their chosen recommender.

h) Resume –

1. The Client will be provided with the sample resume, along with expert guidance from the Consultant.

2. MBA and Beyond is pleased to provide you with three exemplary resume samples.

i) Interview Preparation –

1. MBA and B will furnish the Client with interview resources, while the Consultant will offer expert guidance on utilizing these resources effectively.

2. We will organize three mock sessions, two featuring the primary Consultant and the third one involving a secondary Consultant, ideally an alum from the same school, once the Client has been selected for an interview. Please note that while we strive to connect Clients with alumni from their respective schools, we cannot guarantee an interview with an alum from the same school on all occasions.

j) School Resources –

1. Deadlines of Schools

2. Schools accepting GMAT waiver

3. Specialty & Requirements of schools (data banks)

k) Alum connect –

1. MBA and Beyond offers its support in connecting clients with alumni, a service that is extended exclusively to those who genuinely require such connections.

2. The Client shall also do their own research for the same.

3. MBA and Beyond will be connecting clients with alumni of 2 Schools. (Any additional help will be chargeable with respect to the alums’ time and commitment)

4. However, MBA and Beyond doesn’t guarantee to connect with alumni from all the schools.

l) Ding analysis –

In the event that a Client does not secure admission at any of the schools to which they have applied through our services, MBA and Beyond offers a comprehensive ding analysis for one chosen school.

2. Termination; Refund Policy.

  • If payment remains outstanding beyond a 3-day grace period, MBA & B reserves the right to suspend their efforts on the Client’s order and to cancel the order.
  • The Client’s payment can’t be settled for another Client.
  • All payments by the Client should be made before submitting any application.
  • MBA & B maintains a strict no-refund policy as a standard practice. However, in instances where a thorough assessment of the client’s circumstances justifies it, MBA & B may consider offering a refund. In such cases, any applicable fees incurred by MBA & B in processing the client’s transaction and for the time spent delivering services will be deducted from the refund amount.
  • The Client cannot downgrade the package they had initially signed up for.

3. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

The Client may receive information of a confidential or secret nature that may be disclosed by MBA & B (the “Proprietary Information”) including, but not limited to, client questionnaires, sample essays, resumes and recommendations, and interview transcripts. At all times, both during the term of this Agreement and after its termination, the Client agrees to keep and hold all such Proprietary Information in strict confidence and trust and agrees that he or she will not use or disclose any Proprietary Information without the prior written consent of MBA & B, except in connection with completing the Client’s applications.

  • Once the testimonial is provided, it is MBA and B’s right, the client cannot ask to remove it from the website or Social Media handles.
  • The essays submitted by clients and all the content gathered by MBA & B are considered as the exclusive proprietary information of MBA & B.
  • The client is obligated to share the essays they have worked on with MBA and Beyond and cannot refuse to do so.
  • MBA and B have the liberty to exchange information with fellow applicants, maintaining a certain level of discretion. It is imperative that MBA and B refrain from disclosing the identity of the client or their affiliated company until the client, at their discretion, updates their LinkedIn profile and reveals this information to potential employers.
  • Upon a successful admission to their desired business schools, MBA & B reserves the right to showcase the client’s pertinent details, such as their GMAT score, years of professional experience, and job role, on both MBA & B’s website and various social media platforms. This serves as a testament to the client’s achievements and the effectiveness of MBA & B’s services in facilitating their journey.
  • The Client cannot ask MBA & B to provide any legal documentation on other clients.
  • MBA & B is not liable to provide the Client the proof of the number of other clients and any details of other clients, even through RTI.
  • Any negative review on any platform by the Client for any of the TnCs mentioned above (if MBA & B proves the Client has violated) will make the Client liable for loss of business.

4. Expiration

Usage of all services is required within a six-month period from the date of purchase. The option to postpone the selected round is solely at the discretion of our sales team and is not a standard practice. In the event that an applicant wishes to extend the usage period of their service to another 3 months, MBA and Beyond reserves the right to levy a fee amounting to 15% of the total agreement value. It’s important to note that if the applicant further wishes to extend the service period for another 3 months, the deferral fee will be raised to 18%.

5. Ways of working.

  • Both the client and MBA & B must respect each other’s time and communicate promptly if they anticipate a delay for a meeting or need to reschedule or cancel it.
  • MBA & B will only wait for the client for 5 minutes in the meeting and postpone the meeting to a later available slot.
  • MBA & B and the consultant may take up to 24-48 hours to respond to the client’s query.
  • The client should discuss the timings of the call well in advance and then set up calls with the consultant.
  • After the payment, MBA & B will need 24-48 hours to onboard the client.
  • The response time for review of drafts by the consultants can be from 48-72 hours.
  • Applicants cannot change the school list after 1 draft of essays is done

6. Late Payments Fees

The client will be charged a late fee of 2% for delay of more than 15 days and 3% for invoices 30 days or more overdue on the installment amount. If the client has any issues in making the payment on time they should discuss it with the team prior to the payment deadlines.

7. Extra services

Any services not agreed on in this agreement will not be entertained by the MBA & Beyond team.

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