Shantanu, the founder of MBA and Beyond, is an INSEAD MBA graduate, an entrepreneur and a fintech enthusiast. With more than 8 years of experience spanning across entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, Shantanu has worked across the globe as a Procurement Manager, Product Manager (Marketing, Operations, Payments and Risk/ Fraud), Growth Consultant, eventually unravelling his love for helping candidates with their MBA application as a Coach.Shantanu started coaching applicants right after he graduated from INSEAD in 2017. He coaches you to become a top notch MBA applicant for your dream B-School. Shantanu believes that MBA is a business in itself, you put in investment and hope to get a good return but while writing an application, do you showcase that you are aware of it?

Shantanu digs deep into your skills, knowledge and experiences, and helps you with dimensions such as Self Awareness, Market (Applicant) landscape and Strategy, making your application (Essays, LORs, Resume) unique and differentiating your application from thousands of DINGS.

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