Anusree’s career journey is more than just a series of professional milestones; it’s a deeply personal narrative marked by her relentless commitment to growth, transformation, and the unwavering pursuit of impactful results. It all began in 2016 when she took her first steps into the professional world as an intern at Infobip, delving into the intricacies of full-stack omnichannel communication platforms. This early experience set the stage for what was to come.

In 2017, Anusree’s path led her to Zilingo, a Singapore-based B2B marketplace unicorn. Here, she assumed the role of a People Operations Associate, and it was here that her passion for optimizing resource utilization and streamlining workflows was ignited. This experience became a cornerstone for her journey, focusing on enhancing organizational efficiency.

Fast forward to August 2020, and Anusree found herself at WebEngage, initially as an Assistant Manager in Brand Marketing. This was where her career took a strategic turn. She wholeheartedly contributed to brand positioning and partnership strategies, and her dedication and strategic insights translated into tangible outcomes. Significant improvements in website visits, email open rates, and social advertisement recall were witnessed. This experience laid the foundation for Anusree’s transition into a more strategic role as the Manager in the VP’s office for Go-to-Market Strategy. This transformational journey involved orchestrating EMEA growth strategies and fostering strategic partnerships.

But Anusree’s journey is not confined to the professional realm. Before venturing into the business world, she embarked on an academic journey. Anusree pursued her MBA at IESE Business School, starting in August 2022.

In essence, Anusree’s career path, intertwined with her academic and extracurricular pursuits, is not just a series of roles and experiences; it’s a deeply personal odyssey. It’s a testament to her commitment to growth and transformation, both in the professional arena and on a personal level. It’s a story that continues to evolve, with each chapter building on the last and setting the stage for what’s yet to come.

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