Ms. Senior Consultant, GMAT- 690 (Erasmus, Rotterdam, IE business school- 5000$ scholarship)

The MBA application process was daunting to me coming from an over-represented applicant pool. My consultant has worked as a partner in this journey.

The MBA and Beyond team understood my profile extremely well, believed in me, and helped me showcase my best. They explain every aspect of the application process which helped me prepare myself for the effort I have to put in. For me, the best part is their wonderfully structured approach to bringing forward your true personality and attributes that you sometimes overlook or take for granted.

Working with MBA & Beyond helps you raise your bar higher as he makes you work multiple times if he thinks there is a chance of improvement. This definitely helped me put my best foot forward. I got accepted to IE and RSM, Erasmus with partial scholarships, and I wouldn’t have had this outcome without the support of MBA and Beyond.

I strongly recommend working with the team to build a winning application.

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