Ms. Project Manager (Family Business), Reapplicant with 8 years of experience and Low GPA, got into INSEAD

I had worked with other consultants before in previous application cycles, and a specific thing I was looking for while choosing a consultant was someone who didn’t have a hands-off approach to my application. Since I had a low GPA and a slightly above-average GMAT/GRE, most other consultants spoke about how that was my only gap and how I should target Tier 2 schools. But MBA & Beyond totally stood out to me. In our initial meeting, after I shared my profile with them, they returned with a list of specific strengths and gaps with a strategy for addressing each of these in the applications. This put my mind at ease right in the beginning as their logic was convincing, and I knew I wouldn’t get any generalised advice.

They were willing to be ambitious with me and aim for the best tough programs.

MBA & Beyond has an excellent content-gathering portal that makes you dig deep and write down the stories you would use in essays. It was unique as they asked the bare minimum questions needed to put forth a good application and understand my context and background.

This meant that I didn’t spend time filling out a lengthy document that I wouldn’t use later in the application. A service that I was highly impressed with was that apart from my consultant, there were at least three people in touch with me from MBA & B to make sure I made good progress at each stage, encouraging me to dig deeper in specific areas.

Rajat Garg was assigned as my consultant. From the beginning, it was clear that he had gone through my content-gathering document in detail which meant we could get started almost immediately. Rajat and MBA&B offered complete support, all the way from selecting my schools to receiving an acceptance. What I appreciated most about working with Rajat was the structure he brought to the whole process. The workload at times seemed overwhelming with the multiple essays and deliverables for each school, but Rajat kept me calm by breaking down the work, bringing clarity to what I was expected to do and giving me the right feedback. He was extremely committed to the process, putting in many odd hours because of the time zone difference to edit essays and help build my profile and story.

MBA & Beyond is the right name for them as they really do go beyond their call of duty, whether it was sharing essay and resume samples for your target schools, getting additional feedback for your essays from other consultants, interview prep with specific feedback, or just being available on call or whatsapp to clear the innumerable doubts that pop up in your mind during the process. They were with me every step of the way.

While a lot of hard work writing essays, building your resume, networking with alumni and school research has to happen from your end, MBA&B is an extremely reliable partner to have in this process. A great sounding board that you can rely on for honest, efficient advice.

I received an acceptance from INSEAD this week. And am looking forward to hearing from other schools in the later months. I have thoroughly enjoyed the application process and can’t thank Rajat and MBA & Beyond enough.

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