Ms. Electrical Engineer got into IE, St. Gallen and Manchester with 30% scholarship

My experience with MBA & Beyond has been amazing. I got an interview invite from 3 out of the five schools that I applied to. The best thing about MBAB is the unlimited time with consultants. This allowed me to experiment with the essay stories as I’ve more time to make errors and get them corrected. Also, with the frequent calls with the consultant, I had to be consistent with the application process. This eventually led me to apply for R1 for all my target schools.

The whole 7-step process is beautifully designed. During content gathering, I explored my own profile and wrote stories that I never thought would reflect so many of my versatile traits.

I enjoyed the whole process of writing essays, preparing for the interviews, and celebrating the small wins with the MBAB team.

I would definitely recommend MBAB as an admissions consultant.

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