Ms. Consulting Associate got into INSEAD with a 710 GMAT score.

I had the pleasure of working with Andy from MBA and Beyond, and I’d be remiss to not highlight the role he and the team from MBA and Beyond played my application journey to INSEAD.

From our very first interaction, it was evident that Andy possessed a great deal of expertise and dedication to helping me succeed. Further, MBA and Beyond as a whole seemed to be THE best when it came to INSEAD admits, and I realized soon why that was.

Andy had a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in crafting a compelling application for INSEAD. He patiently and meticulously guided me through each step of the process, offering invaluable insights from his time with INSEAD, and personalized advice tailored to my unique background and aspirations. Most importantly, whenever I felt underconfident or overwhelmed, he instilled confidence in me. His positive reinforcement not only bolstered my self-confidence but also reignited my enthusiasm for the application process, turning moments of apprehension into opportunities for growth and self-reflection.

The wider team at MBA and Beyond was also super helpful and responsive! Kanishka, my application buddy, kept me on track with ALL the stages of the app. Her constant check-ins and positive words kept me sane and helped me navigate what otherwise was an overwhelming barrage of things to tend do.

In hindsight, I think I made the perfect choice by partnering with MBA and Beyond, especially considering INSEAD was the only b-school I was applying to. I am super grateful for their support – they made my journey so much easier and worthwhile!

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