Ms. Capacity Planning Manager ( LBS Aug 2020-21 Intake with 100% scholarship)

“For me, I did not have a “720+ GMAT” and so, as told by many experts I did not have anything special in my profile. I needed someone who could trust in me with this profile and this score. And that is where MBA & Beyond came to my rescue. They were the only people to say that adcoms are not checking any boxes. They do not look for your international trips or score or any fixed parameter, for that matter. They look for diversity in each and every student. They need someone who can bring a different perspective to the class. I posted my profile on GMATclub and among others, MBA & Beyond’s clear, on-point response persuaded me to book a session with them. As much as my consultant trusted me and my story, I trusted him for his incredible understanding of schools.

As I started moving ahead, he helped me to get into the shoes of adcoms and then craft my essays. He gave me a questionnaire at the beginning which was quite drilling for me. We used to break questions into different parts and then would have many brainstorming sessions over every part. And every time I felt content with my essays, he used to push me even harder, and sometimes, it was frustrating. But eventually, it all came together and when I saw my final application, I was at cloud nine.

I believe MBA & Beyond has put in even more effort than I have and my consultant always considered my chances to business schools like it was his own career at stake. I would recommend MBA and Beyond to everybody who can put in efforts in their application wholeheartedly.”

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