Mr. Technical Consultant with a 710 GMAT got into IESE with a 25% Scholarship.

I am a part of the notorious ORM (Indian Engineer) and had a sub-710 GMAT score. r/MBA would have me believe that it is all over, and perhaps no top 15 school would have anything to do with my application. When I was considering MBA and Beyond, I was impressed by their track record of getting other ORM students with sub-710 GMAT scores into top schools. As soon as I started working with them and I was assigned my consultant, Tiger, I realized how good of a job he did to contextualize my score within a larger narrative. It gave me some confidence to apply to schools, which obviously Reddit would have me believe that I had no chance of. Having someone to pick my brains about my essays and trying to find out those unique differentiating factors that could help me shine in the admissions process was priceless. Working with Tiger was an absolute pleasure. He was a great mentor, sounding board, and guide throughout the application process. I can say with absolutely no doubt that the depth of my essays after going through the whole process with Tiger was significantly more than it would have been otherwise. He was also a great resource when it came to tips on networking, attending school events, and trying to engage with the schools in creative ways. My entire process with MBA and Beyond, from the resume edits to the help in the school selection process to the essay writing, has been exemplary, and I would wholeheartedly recommend this program to everyone. (Also, don’t take Reddit too seriously).

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