Mr. Strategist (Michigan Ross, 2022 intake)

MBA & Beyond has designed an effective multi-stage process that ensured that I reflected deeply on my mission, values and my need to do an MBA. This ultimately also helped in sharpening my choice of schools. Since I was pursuing a second MBA, I had to be doubly-careful in making this choice, and I am happy to state that the first stage of the process helped me in narrowing down my target schools.

In the second stage, I worked with Judy, who was able to guide me with great clarity on the adcom expectations from an MBA essay. Thanks to her suggestions, my answers changed from platitudes to concrete answers that explained my candidacy more holistically. Shantanu’s suggestions further sharpened my answers.

Judy and Shantanu also took mock interviews that helped me in understanding opportunity areas for me to work on. With the work that we collectively put in, I have been able to secure an admission into the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

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