Mr. Executive assistant (INSEAD, KELLOGG & LBS SEP 2020 INTAKE)

“I want to thankyou for all your support with my INSEAD application – glad to share that I have been invited to interview. I have interacted with other consultants too and I would want to highlight certain points that I felt make you stand out:

Story-Telling : No doubt that this is one of the most important aspects of essays. The way you helped me gather facts about my profile and convert it into a very engaging story is very impressive. I feel this is one aspect of applications that differentiates a successful candidate.

Availability: Being available to discuss pointers and brainstorm over long calls was never an issue with you. Most consultants are averse to doing so and this quality about you really helped me put my best foot forward to the Adcom.

Turn around time: This is one of the issues that many applicants i know faced with working with other consultants. However, we both were able to edit documents together at the same time on Google Docs, resulting in live feedback and discussions. This significantly reduced the To and Fro of drafts. 

Now as I have an M7 admit from a school I always to go to, I have decided to withdraw my application from INSEAD after getting an interview invite.”

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