Mr. Commercial Manager got into the Ivey (CAD 35,000), Rotman (CAD 25,000), and INSEAD (€ 25,000) Scholarships with a 670 GMAT.

The team at MBA&B had a structured process for their MBA admissions process. This started with a very extensive content-gathering stage, where despite being an introvert who had already done plenty of introspection over the years, I was encouraged to dig deep into my experiences and motivations to come up with compelling, unique stories. Moving on to selecting schools and pairing the right consultant, the team ensured I was paired with someone who could relate to my profile as an older candidate and helped me choose the right schools.
Beyond the applications, the MBA&B team ensured I had mock interviews despite only giving them a few days’ notice on two occasions, and support was provided even after admits for scholarship negotiations. Also, the support team was always available and helpful in sharing application content and quality material for the preparation of applications and interviews.

Due to some personal circumstances, I could not submit my applications to my target schools properly in time and had to re-apply the next year. The MBA&B team extended support beyond what was initially agreed to help me re-frame my overall profile for three of the top business schools in Canada and Europe.
Getting my essays ready was a long and extensive process of working with my consultant, who was always a message away on WhatsApp and encouraged me to re-work my essays and structure my thoughts coherently. I was always able to get a quick response on my drafts and we went through countless edits and reviews to help me craft coherent narratives across several weeks. This extended effort resulted in admits with significant scholarships at all three schools I applied.

Despite having exam re-sits in my undergrad degree and not being employed at the time of applications, I was able to secure admits to Rotman, Ivey and INSEAD with total scholarship amount worth CAD 100,000.

Applications Outcome:

INSEAD Admit – EUR 25,000 Scholarship
Ivey Admit – CAD 35,000 Scholarship
Rotman Admit – CAD 25,000 Scholarship

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