Grab your coffee (or wine), and join us to chat with the alumni of top schools.

Our speakers will share their journeys, and guide you through the mountainous application process.

Join in, ask your questions, and let the experts point you to the open doors of your school of choice! 🙂 

Crack the Code: Insider Tips for MBA Admissions Success!

Date & Time- May 09, 2024, at 11:30 AM ET | 9:00 PM IST

Rahul- Senior BDM (Entreperneur/Family Business) received invites from multiple schools like Darden, Fuqua and admits from Rice Jones, Rotman & Georgetown with 710 GMAT & Scholarships.

Arshween- Associate in Financial Consulting got admits from Imperial, Warwick and UBC Sauder with 670 GMAT & Scholarship.

 Let us help you create a unique MBA pitch for your dream B-School.

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