Mr. Business Analyst got into INSEAD with 710 GMAT

I had the pleasure of working with Shantanu from MBA and Beyond, and I can confidently say that his guidance played a pivotal role in securing my admission to INSEAD. I reached out to MBA and Beyond in June 2021 through a friend’s recommendation, and I cannot thank my stars enough that I got to work with such amazing people at MBA&B. From the very first profile evaluation call, the team showed genuine interest and confidence in my profile. Having heard so much about Shantanu I requested the team to assign him as my consultant. And thus, my journey started with the most amazing Shantanu Sharma. From the initial consultation to the final application submission to interview preparation, Shantanu demonstrated unparalleled expertise, dedication, and a genuine commitment to my success.

One of the best qualities of Shantanu is his highly personalized approach to every application. He not only spent great efforts in understanding my unique background, career goals, and aspirations but also went above and beyond to unravel my strengths and achievements, helping me articulate them effectively in my application essays and interviews. I vividly recall crafting a minimum of 10 drafts for each INSEAD essay, a testament to Shantanu’s commitment to bringing out the best version of my narrative. His refusal to move on to the next essay until completely satisfied underscored his dedication.

During my interview preparation stage, Shantanu left no stones unturned in preparing me for the interviews and Mock exercises. I distinctly remember a moment of panic during my preparation stage when Shantanu, despite being on vacation, generously dedicated two hours to me, offering invaluable guidance and calming reassurance. His role transcended that of a consultant; Shantanu became a steadfast friend and guide throughout the entire process.

Furthermore, Shantanu’s support extended beyond the application itself. He offered valuable insights into the culture and values of INSEAD, enabling me to align my application with the school’s ethos. This holistic approach not only enhanced my chances of admission but also contributed to my overall readiness for the INSEAD experience. On receiving INSEAD’s acceptance call, Shantanu was the first person I contacted to share the joyful news. His significance in my MBA journey and the profound impact he has created in my life is truly immeasurable.

In summary, my experience with Shantanu was transformative. His personalized guidance, unparalleled dedication, and genuine support were instrumental in navigating the competitive admissions journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Shantanu and the MBA and Beyond team to anyone seeking an exceptional and personalized MBA admissions consulting experience.

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