Shlok is a consultant and an entrepreneur, a student at the IESE MBA candidate, an incoming consultant at Bain London, and a paraglider with an international license! Having experience in both a top consulting firm and as someone who has started, run, and handed over a profitable business, Shlok has curated a vast library of experiences. In his opinion, the most important skill is communication. His experience as someone who worked at a large firm and also hired people, he knows the qualities that make the top candidates stand apart. Shlok places heavy emphasis on developing a story that leaves a memory in the heart of the audience- be that a client, or an interviewer. Shlok believes that an MBA application is not only about where you have been, but what your ‘vision’ for your future is. He has an introspective methadology that will help you identify, and articulate, your dreams for the future, and communicate them in a manner that leaves a mark on the audience.

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