Amit has worked in the real estate and construction industry for over eight years and will join Duke’s Fuqua School of Business for MBA. His previous education was at the University of Southern California, and he worked in Los Angeles before moving back home to India. He is currently the Chief of Staff for a real estate developer and has also started his entrepreneurial venture in the same field.

Previously he completed a rotational leadership program, where he experienced various functions, including operations, finance, sales, marketing, and client & investor relations. “This enables him to truly understand applicants from diverse backgrounds” and help them understand the unique strengths in their profiles.

In his free time, Amit is also a content writer for a media outlet where he writes opinion blogs on politics, international affairs, social issues, and movie reviews! Because of this, he has developed a great knack for storytelling.

Amit also believes that while a high GMAT is useful, a “low” score should not deter candidates from pursuing their dream schools. At the same time, he will give you honest feedback on your profile, as well as key recommendations.

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