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I am glad you are here. To register yourself for the referral program, please click below (3 questions - less than one minute)

Let's say, if you had that chance to add a pearl to the INSEAD ocean, which one will you pick? Who would you choose to refer to the INSEAD community, who do you think deserves to be around? Who do you think you'd want to live this INSEAD experience all over again with? Yes, you are the best judge when it comes to picking these pearls. And we'll help polish them to shine brighter than other applicants.

Our objective is to MAKE the INSEAD community stronger and better by the year. Help us realize this objective. Your help will be reciprocated, for which we have launched a referral program. If you refer applicants to us for Application consulting and they convert (hire us) you can receive up to 500 SGD per applicant (200 SGD for 1 school, 400 SGD for 2 schools and 500 SGD for 3 schools and more - One of the school which applicant is applying should be INSEAD).

To register yourself for the referral program, please click below (3 questions - less than 1 minute):

Referral FAQs:

  • How do I refer?

Shoot an email (Subject: Introducing_Applicant’s Full Name) from your INSEAD email ID to “shantanu.sharma@insead.edu” copying applicant with applicant’s brief introduction. Include whatever you feel is necessary (keep the content to 5-15 lines)

  • How do I know if the applicant converted?

(Keep checking your bank account ;) ) By conversion, we mean applicants transaction hits our bank account. On conversion, we drop you an email confirming the status of your referral. NOTE - We reserve the right of not registering the applicant even if applicant is ready to pay, since we only take in applicants if we feel they have chances of making it through INSEAD. In such a case, since there is no conversion, no payout.

  • When do I receive money in my account?

We transfer money on 1st and 15th day of the month. Your referral needs to convert before the payout day. On your first successful referral, we would ask you about mode of transfer.

  • Mode of transfer

Transferwise, DBS Paylah, GrabPay, Paypal, Bank to Bank transfer (you absorb the transfer fee - Europe banks, if applicable)

  • What if two INSEAD candidates refer same person?

Since every applicant tries to get in touch with multiple students, one who refers first gets the conversion payout.

  • What is the payout scheme?

For every referred candidate, if candidates sign-up for 1 school you get 200 SGD, 2 schools 400 SGD, 3 or more schools 500 SGD (One school has to be INSEAD)