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All you need to know about Knight-Hennessy Scholarship!

The Knight-Hennessy Scholarship program ni Stanford is designed to develop deep domain expertise for folks with the vision and courage to find the most creative solutions to address the world’s complex challenges. The community has the expertise of having a wide range of disciplines and cultures. 

Knight-Hennessy Scholarship is the largest fully endowed scholars program in the world. As a bunch of scholars joins every year, adding to a diverse community of scholars from across disciplines, nationalities, perspectives, and backgrounds.

This article will give you a sneak peek at Knight-Hennessy Scholarship eligibility, selection criteria, required documents, benefits, and much more. 

Why Choose Knight-Hennessy Scholarship

The Knight Hennessy Scholarship for International Students in the USA is fully funded. All expenses are covered in this scholarship, such as

Covers Full Tuition and associated fees.

Stipend for living and educational expenses.

A Travel Stipend intended to cover an Economy-Class Ticket.

Scholars in their second and third years may apply for supplemental funds to support academic enrichment activities.

Knight-Hennessy Scholarship provides funding for the listed degree program in the admission letter process.

DegreeQuarters of KHS tuition and StipendYears of Funding
MA, MBA, MFA, MPP, MS, JSM, MLS, LLMUp to six academic quarters1-2
JDNine academic quarters1-3
MDUp to 11 quarters It does not include summer quarter of the 1st year1-3
Ph.D., DMAUp to 12 quarters: nine academic quarters1-3
JD/MBANine academic quarters1-3
Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP, MD/Ph.D.)Up to 12 quarters: nine academic quarters1-3

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They have no restrictions based on age, college or university, field of study, or career aspiration.

 To apply to Knight-Hennessy Scholars, you must apply, be accepted, and enroll in a full-time Stanford graduate degree program. Click here to know more!

 You must meet at least one of the following four conditions:

You are a current Ph.D. student in your first year at Stanford and will apply to KHS such that you will start KHS in the second year of Ph.D. enrollment. 

You have already been offered, and deferred admission to a full-time Stanford graduate degree program and will apply to KHS such that you will start both in the same year.

You are applying separately but concurrently to KHS and a full-time Stanford graduate degree program such that you will start both in the same year.

To apply to join the cohort in 2023 or 2024, you must have completed your first bachelor’s degree in 2016 or 2017, respectively, with a very high GPA. 

We extend the eligibility window by two years to acknowledge longer service commitments for applicants who served in the military after their undergraduate studies.

English language requirements, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, etc.

Admission Process

Knight-Hennessy Scholars application opens on July 1, 2022, and the deadline is October 12, 2022, and it varies according to the program you are targeting.


Online Application


Standardized Test Score

One Page Resume

Two Recommendation Letters


Two Short-Answer Responses

Video Story

In-Person Assessment

Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application (if they need)


You must submit two applications.

Submit all the required documents which are listed above.

You must submit your application in English via the Online Application Portal.


Knight-Hennessy scholars look for the following qualities in applicants:

They seek curious, open-minded, analytical, eager for a cross-cultural perspective, and genuinely excited students.

They want an applicant to be courageous leaders who are ethical, decisive, driven to achieve meaningful results and can motivate others. 

Those graduates who are humble, empathetic, trustworthy, and passionate about contributing to the greater good are members of collaborative communities.

We hope this article helped you get introductory information on the scholarship.

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