THE BENEFITS OF WORKING WITH AN MBA ADMISSIONS CONSULTANT - both beginning athletes and Olympians have mentors.

Acceptance rates at the most world class business colleges go from six to 21 percent. Extreme challenge drives numerous MBA hopefuls to gauge the advantages of working with a MBA admissions specialist to enable them to emerge in the midst of an ocean of similarly stunning candidates.

The larger part look for help with their essays, resume evaluation, and interview preparation. There are various upsides to working with a MBA admissions consultant.

We trust an advisor can almost dependably help, regardless of whether you are a first-time or a recurrent business college candidate; whether you are uninformed or increasingly learned about the admissions procedure.

All things considered, both beginning athletes and Olympians have mentors.


A MBA admissions consultant offers a prepared second pair of eyes to audit your material, help steer methodology, and provide sanity check. At MBA and Beyond, MBA application (admission) consulting is provided by either current students or alums.

You’ll have the ability to leverage the database of knowledge of current INSEAD students and alums. Contribution from traditional consultants provides only a limited snapshot as they are not aware of recent developments at schools nor their consultants could reach top notch business schools, whereas MBA and Beyond provides you access to achievers and people who have been there and done that.

We have point of view on what has worked. We can address any inquiries or concerns you have about INSEAD. This spares you huge amounts of time searching web or trolling business college forums.

Critics may contend that in case you're a solid MBA hopeful, admission consultants will give little value. All things considered, your stats and profile should speak for themselves, isn't that so?

We disagree. In fact, we’ve seen many cases of stellar candidates who were shocked when denied admission to programs that seemed like sure things.

We worked with one INSEAD graduate who had five years of involvement in a Finance, a respectable GMAT score, extraordinary extracurriculars and equipped composition abilities.

However, when he came to us he had zero introspection and was unable to look inward to mine his unique and interesting strengths He certainly had a place in a top program. With our direction in how to advertise himself, his application bundle went from nonexclusive to convincing.


Cost is the conspicuous potential downside of working with a MBA Admission consultants. Expenses run anyplace from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for far reaching bundles focusing on numerous schools.

If you’re not committed to completing the process, it’s a huge waste of money. Some potential customers think enlisting a business college advisor implies they don't need to do any work. An admission consultant isn't an article composing administrator. We won’t do the work for you, and we’re not here to agree with whatever the client says.

This type of relationship won’t work for personality types that have difficulty accepting criticism, coaching, and input from others. Only invest in a consultant if you’re ready for a true partnership—not if you want a ghostwriter.

Consultants can push you, call attention to blunders and openings, and help you present your absolute best application. However, despite everything they need you in the group.